Aperitifs & Digestifs

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There is nothing more pleasant than having a vermouth as an aperitif before you eat. If you wish to buy a vermut tax free in the airport, the duty free stores in the Amman airport offer a complete catalogue with the best alcoholic beverages for the aperitif with exceptional bottles of the best quality of vermouth liquor. Take advantage of your trip to Amman to purchase your favorite bottle with a reduced price in the tax free stores in the airport.

In this section, you can find bottles of vermouth and digestifs of the best brands, such as Martini, Pernod and Ricard that you can find and purchase at a lower price than the rest of the stores. Discover the best quality of Italian vermouth, which have made this drink well known throughout the world and enjoy an unparalled aperitif.

In addition to the best brands of vermut, in this section of the Dufry catalogue, we put at your disposal, exclusive bottles of alcoholic disestifis and other aperitifs, that you can pick up at your convenience in the dufry free stores in the Amman airport.